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ThrowBack: Games We Played As A 90’s Child

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Before the invention of games and the breakthrough of the internet, children of the 90s’ devised a lot of ways to keep themselves busy and entertained. Due to this, they argue that they had the best childhood unlike the ‘children of nowadays’.
We have a compiled a list of games to help them remember the good old days:

Police and thief

Literally, everyone who participated in this game wanted to be police. The game starts with a selection of those who would make up the police squad and thief team based on alphabets picked on paper. The fun starts when the police squad chases after the thieves and it gets fun when a thief escapes and you have to chase again.

Name, Animal, Place, and Thing

This is actually an intelligent game where each member has a paper with all the alphabets written in a row and the four golden requirements: Name, Animal, Place, and Thing written across. Members take turns and call any alphabet of their choice and they are all required to fill in the requirements with the called alphabet used as the first word. With each successful fill, 10 points are awarded and the person with the overall highest score is the winner.

Tinko Tinko

Tinko Tinko. Photo: Diary of a Naija girl[/caption

Also known as the jumping game. Here, you draw a rectangle on the sand, with 6-12 boxes on both sides and try to jump them with one leg and a stone as a compass. Your aim and that of your partner is to avoid stepping on the demarcation lines lest you both get disqualified.

Who is in the garden?

Children start this game by making a big circle, ‘Like your mother’s cooking pot.’ The anchor then runs around the circle singing,
Who is in the garden?
And gets the response: a little fine boy/girl
Anchor: Can I come and see her/him?
Response: No no no no, if you have a baby, you can come and see her
It ends with the anchor saying, ‘You too follow me,’ and takes one child.
This cycle is done until the person is left is required to search for the other members as they go into hiding.
The good old days can never be brought back but we can reminisce them and be happy.

Posted by on September 27, 2018.


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