My relationship with the girls continued, I stayed with bisi in the school after most exams, stopped chinwe from coming to my house, Instead visited her. Chidinma would come my house often and stay a day or too, and Doris, I just kept my distance. . . This way everything went well and my relationships with them kept booming, and nobody suspected anybody.

The party I planned with my lodge mates for the weekend quickly approached, we planned everything , contributed money and equally got a little help from guys in the main lodge. Pascal managed to get sound speakers and amp.

Everything was set, tickets for the guys were a bottle of booze, be it wine or spirit, 5 guys collectively would bring a carton of beer, girls were free entry.

My lodge mates were busy inviting their girls, while i had other plans. i didn’t want to invite Chinwe though I feared she might come anyway, neither did I want to invite doris, i knew that one must surely come.
I had other plans, I wanted to see if i can bleep a new girl at the party, the evil side manifesting.

Chidinma on her own part called and asked to come for the weekend but i lied and told her i would be going to Enugu that Saturday and will be back on Monday.

The stage was set and the ball was in my court. the party night arrived.

It was a serene evening, the weather was calm and peaceful, trees were calm. The colourful disco light spinning round the center stage gave the dance floor a colourful radiance over a black scene.

Students were entering in twos or sometimes in groups, most of them girls.

The party kicked off by exactly 10pm. there were more drinks that people who were present. . You could see guys handing in some corners, some boozing, while others puffed out smoke from wraps of weed or sticks of cigar, so i thought. in some darker corners you would see some couples seating, some talking, others were busy making out and smooching while some were making movements that you would easily make them out as bleeping.

I walked through the crowd with a bottle of Heineken in my hand, wading through the crowded dance floors as i received hails from the crowd. they were like TALLEST!!! THE TALLEST MAN!!! I come deh form formularity. who said its not good to be tall..hehehehe.

I sat down as i sipped my drink and watched the dancers, nodding my head to the tune blaring from the speakers.

SO TALLEST YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT ME RIGHT???… This voice sounds like, no no let it not be doris, I turned with fluid reflex and lo and behold doris was standing behind me with hands akimbo.
OH NO GOD NOT HER!!!…….I lamented

To be continued 😉

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