Sylvester Stallone aka Rambo reported dead

Sylvester Stallone AKA Rambo dead this morning after battling with cancer 


Sylvester Stallone dead rumours sweep the internet once again as bizarre hoax resurfaces after 18 months

A BIZARRE rumour that Sylvester Stallone is dead is sweeping the internet once again – 18 months after it first surfaced.

It was later exposed as a hoax after it emerged it was linked to a website known for creating and sharing celebrity death hoaxes.
But the rumour has now returned to social media a year-and-a-half later.
The return of the hoax appears to have been sparked by him sharing a fan poster for Creed II – the next instalment in the Rocky film series.
After seeing Sly’s face on the advert, some people on social media – still convinced that he was dead from the last hoax – reacted with confusion.

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