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[ALBUM] Chief Keef – The Leek 4 Mixtape (Album Download)

Chief Keef – The Leek 4 Mixtape (Album Download)

Chief Keefs “The Leek 4” has officially been released on all the major streaming services.
Get ready for some new old Chief Keef. Today, the fourth chapter of Keef’s The Leek saga has officially hit all the major streaming services. Unlike some of his contemporaries, Keef isn’t a musical miser. Should he record it, there’s a strong chance it shall see the light of day in some capacity. This latest batch of previously unreleased bangers was recorded between 2013 and 2014, so if you were feeling Keef’s direction around that era, you’re in luck.
Songs like “Squidward Tenacles” reveal the extent Keef’s influence on the young generation; Spongebob references and unrestrained ad-libs are littered throughout the two-minute-and-forty second track. While there are bangers to be found throughout, The Leek 4 is missing some of the refinement and maturity of Keef’s recent studio albums. Still, some may appreciate the return to vintage form, even if it essentially through a collection of B-Sides. Yes, the mixtape has been available on YouTube for a minute, but the project’s appearance on all streaming services has given it an officially licensed second wind.
01 Upset
02 Run Up
03 Macaroni Time Remix
04 Sosa Pain
06 Rolls
07 Blocka
08 Squidward Tenacles
09 Kane
10 TT
11 Tats
12 Instagram
13 So Cold
14 Wake Up
15 Cant Catch Em
16 Foreigns

Download: Chief Keef – The Leek 4 Mixtape (Zip)

Posted by on March 3, 2018.


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